Welcome to PlatformED

PlatformED is Simple: Peer-hosted regular workshops and resources to make your job easier

Designed for School & Trust Leadership

PlatformED is for us the educators, for today and tomorrow’s leaders, for those pulling together the pastoral, pedagogical, financial, political and inspirational to make the UK a great place to learn.

Pronounced as [platform-ED]

  1. Live & on-demand workshops with takeaway resources
  2. Articles and stories of excellence from your peers
  3. Ask questions to those who've done it. There's no such thing as a silly question.

How Does it Work?

PlatformED was launched as a home for all the great interactive content created for schools and trusts during the global shift to virtual learning. PlatformED is designed to be a simple continuous learning hub for and by the school leadership community.

PlatformED Offers:

  • Regular workshops designed to put some tempo to your professional development needs.
  • Peer-driven content and interest stories from system leaders, school professionals, subject matter experts and trustees.
  • Dedicated spaces organised into topics and themes to help you get quick answers to your challenges and questions.
  • Open and private spaces to connect with colleagues across the UK and build lasting networks.

The best thing is, it's totally free to create an account and start enjoying all the above. Plus, you can access the benefits 24/7 on your mobile via the Mighty Networks app. Simply select 'Text me the app' once you've joined.

Create an account and check out some of the groups we are creating to serve the schools sector.